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Three Gorges new energy Xitie Mountain Shaping 49.5MW wind power project passed the final acceptance

2016-12-10 11:04:56

On Dec.7th 2016, 7 experts of the Three Gorges New Energy Corporation arrived at Xitieshan Liushaping 49.5MW Wind Power Project to take final acceptance for the project. Through comprehensive inspection for engineering data and on-site construction quality, the experts group highly recognized the project’s construction process control and data collation etc, and agreed that the project should be completed and accepted.

During this completion acceptance, the experts group inspected and reviewed the project by means of listening to reports, on-site viewing, practically measuring the actual amount as well as group discussing etc. They emphasized careful inspection for the project construction data and equipment’s operation conditions, consulted fans’ production condition after being handed over from operation personnel of the owner, and listened our reports about construction organization, safety and quality control of the project, communication status among project construction participant parts. The experts group gave a high degree of recognition and praise to the completion and installation quality of the 33 wind turbines in only 70 days, and indicated that the installation, elimination and transfer management process of the project should be promoted as highlights.

The project’s total 33 units of 1.5MW gold wind turbines have produced accumulated 71 million KWh generations since being put into operation in March 2016. During this period, no any main power generation equipment appeared failure, which achieved the owner’s investment income expectations. Actually, after inspecting by the experts, the Three Gorges New Energy Xitieshan Liushaping 49.5MW Project was named the Three Gorges New Energy Company benchmarking project in the Three Gorges New Energy Company benchmarking project and will demonstrate and popularize it.

The Three-gorge New Energy Xitieshan Liushaping 49.5MW Project successfully passed the acceptance test is the outstanding achievement of the wind power company who continuously stick to "owner-oriented" thought, has always maintained smooth and efficient communication with the owner, and consistently adhere to the working style of “steely faith, indomitable will, strict discipline, perfect skills, resolute action and perceptual invincibility”. All cadres and workers of wind power company will continue to carry forward the spirit of “active, responsible, persistent”, strictly implement the company’s quality management Requirements and regulations, provide excellent service for subsequent operation and maintenance to create” demonstration model project", and establish a good brand image of the company.